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The Biggest Little Farm

farm scene pig

This is not Emma

We were off to the movies this weekend – The Ocean City Film Festival. Yes, Ocean City has a film festival. The feature film on Saturday was The Biggest Little Farm. It was directed by Worcester County native John Chester.

What a delightful treat for anyone to see, especially gardeners. Talk about being entertained by a documentary on farming while getting an appreciation of the natural world. But, they did it. Apricot Lane Farm pulled at our heart strings with a rescue dog named Todd and a pig named Emma whose best friend was Mr. Greasy the rooster. It was plain-spoken and direct and all about balance. How do you get snails to stop devouring fruit trees and coyotes to stop murdering chickens? Come to find out, ducks love snails and coyotes do just as well bumping off gophers, who, by the way, have been doing a number on tree roots. As I said, it’s all about balance. However, you can forget about birds and stone fruit. That’s all about sharing.

farm scene

This is not Apricot Lane Farm

John and Molly Chester start out with a utopian dream – create the most diverse farm in California and live an idyllic life on the land. Chester is an award winning director, filmmaker and cinematographer. It shows. There is graceful drone footage of the land, night vision shots of four legged intruders and delicate close ups of flora and fauna unfolding. We are so entertained by the story, we don’t realize we’re getting a lesson on how to live on our planet. There is a moment in the film where Chester looks up at the Milky Way and realizes he is part of that spinning system. This thought is a far more effective teaching tool than a preaching documentary on the demise of our planet.

The subtle takeaway is we can all do our share in our own community.  I came home and swore off Roundup.

The Biggest Little Farm will open in theaters in May. You’ve got to see it.