Reclaim, Repurpose, Reuse

Linda Vater filmed a YouTube video on ten things to hunt for at Thrift Stores. I like watching her and I found that I’m already doing what she suggests. Now, of course, one shops at thrift stores to save money but let’s put an ecological twist on this habit. We are repurposing things that no longer serve the person who gave them away.  New life springs from old things, creative juices surge and something is loved again for a different purpose than it was loved before.

Among her suggestions are baskets. This one was about two dollars, was painted white and contained dusty fabric flowers. After painting it navy and fitting it with a plastic pot it did a beautiful job of displaying a delicate maidenhair fern. The pedestal it sits on was also resurrected from a junk store and repainted.

 Another pot I value was repurposed from holding a lot of wax with three wicks. After melting out the wax it was painted white and graciously holds a thriving peace lily.

This rectangular pot was another thrift store find that now holds two dwarf lemon cypress that were on sale at Wal-Mart for Christmas table decorations.I plan to put them in larger pots in the spring for outdoor display.

Other things Linda suggests to look for are saucers for under pots, coasters for the same, metal stands to elevate display pots or dishes, small bowls as containers for gift giving, wooden boxes, lanterns and candlesticks. The list goes on.

Linda adds t-shirts for gardening. I would recommend pants. It seems to make more sense to pay two-fifty on half-price-day for a pair of pants you are going to subject to the dirt rather than use the pair you plan to wear to your sister-in-law’s dinner party and paid over a hundred dollars for.

Linda just added another thrift store video here.

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