A Month of Sundays

It feels like a Month of Sundays, but it’s only been one month since we thought nothing of going someplace. On March first we packed up our coffee thermos and breakfast sandwiches and headed to Philadelphia for a day among an abundance of plants and a super abundance of people. We didn’t think it out of the ordinary to drive one hundred and fifty miles to a crowded city and walk the streets with not a worry in the world. Our feet hurt but what a great day we had.

At lunchtime we crossed the street to the Reading Terminal Market to grab a bite. If the convention center was elbow to elbow, the market was cheek by jowl. There were lines for every vendor and tables up for grabs. We ate at a communal table, sharing napkins with people we had never seen before. That was our norm and it didn’t bother us. The only thing we had wrong was considering it the first of our springtime expeditions.

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Philadelphia Flower Show is the oldest and largest indoor flower show in the world. 2020 was its one hundred and ninety-first year. 250,000 people walked through the “Riviera Holiday” themed exhibition. Elbow to elbow, with craned necks we were whisked away to Mediterranean colors and scents of lemon and olive and lavender and cypress.

This year the show paid tribute to a hometown girl – Princess Grace of Monaco. A replica of her wedding dress was on display among a re-creation of her rose garden. That was only one display among the acres of exhibits showcasing the beauty of the Mediterranean region.





Here are some of the glorious sights at the incredible Philadelphia Flower Show.

This last picture was a warning I didn’t recognize. Never stop taking in the joy of nature and what we can do with nature, but be mindful; life can change on a dime. It always has personally. This time it’s globally.

3 thoughts on “A Month of Sundays

  1. Maura Kikstra

    Really well written! And means even more in reflection. Thank you for sharing and reminding me to simply be more mindful.


    1. Jo-Ann

      What a lovely reminder of something beautiful on a dreary, sequestered day. May there be many more such field trips in the coming months when we are free to move about.



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