Tweezers, Toothpicks and Tiny Flowers

I had not heard of “petite flower design” until I attended a garden club talk on miniature flower arrangements. It’s an official category at Federated Garden Club competitions. Although I never plan to compete at flower arranging, I do enjoy learning to make better bouquets for myself and for friends.

We were told bring tweezers and toothpicks, little containers and flowers. Flowers in January? I brought nothing. But others did. I had decided to just watch and was amazed at the imagination in the room. The tweezers deftly held the little flowers and toothpicks inserted first made a ready hole for the slender breakable stems. As far as keeping the plants in place, floral oasis worked well in wide containers as did floral frogs or wire. Containers with narrow necks needed nothing but water. Turns out I wish I had put more thought into the day; wish I had taken pictures of the garden ladies tiny arrangements.

But better late than never! When I got home I started looking around the garden and found more than I expected. Periwinkle was blooming its namesake blue, the mosses were brilliant green, rosemary had miniature white flowers and delicate gray-green branches. Chartreuse sedum was thriving in the cold as was variegated boxwood and deep green juniper tips. Why did I think there was nothing of value in a January garden? I forgot to look.


Just a Little Something! Petite Flower Design is a good place to look for guidelines on this smallest of flower design.

When the weather warms the choices will quadruple. The little rosy blooms of Chinese fringe flower shrub and yellow spring barberry bush flowers are just two examples of what will pop out if you’re on the lookout. Harry Lauder’s walking stick will provide small twisted limbs. Minor bulbs like grape hyacinth, tete a tete daffodils, snowdrops and crocus are a good fit. Their tininess made me not think of cutting them before. But what a delightful greeting they would make on a bedside table, a powder room vanity or as dining table favors.

Containers? I was surprised at what was sitting around the house. Even more possibilities are sitting in thrift shops for the price of a dollar or fifty cents. Consider mini liquor bottles, perfume bottles, toothpick holders, small ashtrays and baskets. Whatever looks good, looks better with flowers.

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